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At Mission Beach! 3861, Mission Blvd,
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Telephone: (619) 962-9925

About us - Freaky Good Gyros

Welcome to Arslan’s Freaky Good Gyros restaurant, where you are invited to feast on authentic Greek cuisine prepared to savory perfection.

We are dedicated to offering high quality, reasonable prices, and individualized service in an old world atmosphere which will provide a uniquely memorable dining experience every time you visit us.

The owner, Arslan Redzepovic, once owned two restaurants, one in his hometown of Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina and another in the seaside city of Ulcini in neighboring Montenegro. He bought them after saving about $100,000 working as a machinist, a cook, and a waiter in Switzerland. But he lost everything in a matter of months in 1992 after civil war erupted in northern Yugoslavia.

The war began a six-year odyssey during which Redzepovic worked in Germany, returned to Sarajevo, then escaped to the United States under the guise of being part of a French television crew for whom he worked as a translator.

But that said, from an early age he dreamed about leaving Europe for the land of opportunity. Friends in Sarajevo, Redzepovic said, always told me, “Boy you were born to be an American!”



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This family-owned and operated restaurant is great place for fresh greek food.
Not only is the food delicious, but there is great history with the owner of the restaurant.
I always feel welcome when I dine at Freaky Good Gyros. This is the best place for gyros in San Diego!

James Miller

I always go to Freeky Good Gyros when I'm in San Diego.
Every dish is savory and comes loaded with food, perfect after spending the day at the beach!
I highly reccomend Freaky Good Gyros for anyone looking for Greek Food.

Jenna Pablo